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FlexGun™ RA

The FlexGun RA welding gun is designed for robot mounted production assembly needs. It is ideal for mid to light gauge materials and automotive assembly welding forces and currents.

Main Features

  • Fits on robots starting at 100 kg to reduce overall integration costs.
  • Up to 2000 lbs (8896 N) electrode force.
  • Variety of mounting positions (LH, RH, top, bottom, rear and 45 degree increments).
  • Optimized for servo actuators; can also be used with pneumatic actuators.
Additional Features include: Common bodies for both LH and RH versions for true interchangeability and reduced consumable and spare parts inventories.
  • Equalizing and non-equalizing configurations.
  • Optional molded hard cover protects weld gun, reduce maintenance needs and extend operating life.
  • Available with either MFDC (100-185 kVA ) or AC (55 to 136 kVA) transformers to suit a broad range of application needs.
  • Variety of arm choices (round copper, rectangular aluminum & rectangular copper) to best satisfy force and throat size needs. 
  • The clean and practical design is easy to service.
  • Minimal secondary connections to optimize electrical efficiency.
  • Easily re-configured for use on new applications or to address part or process changes.
  • Full metric construction.
Gun Type Throat Depth Range in (mm) Force Range lbf (N) Gun Mass Range lbs (kg) kVA Transformer Range (AC/MFDC)
C-Gun 1-17 (30-440) <2000 (8900) >200 (90) AC 55-136
DC 100-225
Pinch 8-30 (200-760) <2000 (8900) >200 (90)

Contact CenterLine to obtain a copy of the FlexGun RA gun library.